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Master hibiscus 250 mg

Hibiscus 250 mg

Novalgin 250mg /5ml

Metamizole 50mg

Borgasone 0.1% Ointment

Mometasone 0.1%


Pseudoephedrine 60 mg, Ibuprofen 500mg

Right Vaginal. douch

Tea tree oil , cetrimide, camphor, menthol, triclosan

Genove Hand

Skin emollient & protective (50gm)

Hydro bern

L carnitine 350mg, guarana 1mg, whey protein concentrate 1mg, garcenia cambogia ...

Retin a 0.025%

retinoic acid 0.025%

Pms formula

Calcium 30mg, vit b3 30mg, mg oxide 1mg, folic acid 1mg, zinc 15mg

Unizithrin 500mg

Azithromycin 500mg

Brevibloc 100 mg/10 ml

Esmolol HCL 100 mg/10 ml I.V infusion (50-200 ug/kg/minute)

Abimol 500 mg

Paracetamol 500 mg

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